What god is to me

The beautiful thing about life is that we can label ourselves to become anything we want to in life whether it’s Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc. However, in all religions, the term god doesn’t exist – yet, it is phrased as an object, thing, or something else – rather than just simply god. And that’s the beauty of it.
So, when we get caught up in the superficial idea of ourselves, we start to believe that that’s the god within us. Deep down, we lose who we really want to become because we have already adapted to who we became. I know I shouldn’t get upset but at times I can’t help it & get caught up in the moment where people lose the idea of what they wanted to do with all the good in life. They forget it when bad comes their way. I’m not Mr. Perfect, and I’m not saying that anyone out here is, but it’s not a grey world – it is black & white. So simple. When we start seeing the grey in life, we start seeing life two-sided, where the black & white is mixed with no separation. Why not allow two separate minds cross, where both are respected although they might not agree? My way of thinking is not right, but it’s the only way for me – just because no one can ever argue that positivity can hurt. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve been the cancer to myself again – where my own thoughts self destruct. The reason for that is that I couldn’t accept who I was in the mirror – because that person was new to me. Today, I accepted the superficial version of myself – the person in my mirror and my body for what it is. I’ve also accepted to allow my inner god to heal so that I can become a better me.