Poetry From Anonymous

I come from 4,600 miles away
Which takes 8 hours by plane to get to,
0.025 seconds by spaceship,
or 150 hours by hot air balloon.

I come from the core of a female
Which makes me a daughter, granddaughter, and sister
But also, hopefully, a future mother.

I come from the sign of the virgo
Whose strengths include loyalty, hardworking, and organized
But whose weaknesses include overthinking and worry.

I come from the fresh smell of the coffee bean,
My favorite scent.

I come from a purple flower in a lily pond,
My favorite color and flower.

I come from late-night scrapbooking and watercolors
My favorite hobbies.

I come from pleases and thank yous
Where without manners, nothing is given.

I come from the desire to travel the world
With loved ones by my side, discovering new places,
Eating new foods, talking to new people.

I come from the struggle
Of too much past,
Or too much future
And not enough Now.