Letting go of hurt

Everything that goes up must comes down. A feeling of happiness can be uplifting and make you feel super high for the moment. For example, when we as people tend to feel happy, we become like these gods that feel unstoppable. We feed off of our egos – taking credit for what we did and forgetting that we can still remain the same person that’s within. I’ve noticed something about myself, that was said to me twice this week alone. “Not everything is about you, you seem to think your feelings are facts.”  To live in a world that isn’t factual-based is scary. I can’t trust anyone on this planet other than myself, because of my past experiences. That doesn’t mean I go about not trusting anyone, but I have been very selective recently. Some say people can’t change. IMO and I feel like I’m living proof of it, people do change. Every second of the day that is being taken away from us, we are growing, learning and living into a new second of the day. You cannot undo the past, what you can do tho is understand what bought you to that moment and move forward. I am never going to revisit the past to fix a problem that can’t be re-brought back into life. Here are the options you are faced with in a real life situation: you can allow your past to rob you from the present moment, or you can just simply move on.