Define Failure ?

What’s left to life when everything is lost? "Everything", one might answer.. The one that answers that is a person that is content with him/herself. See, knowing that we die, we then know nothing on this world is forever, not even the planet itself. So why get so caught up on the idea that you... Continue Reading →

Please take a moment to understand depression is real. This isn’t me saying I want to kill myself but rather something that pushed me to move into really accepting who I was in a time where I really didn’t want to live with people anymore. Sometimes when dark time gets dark, suicide may feel like... Continue Reading →

Letting go of hurt

Everything that goes up must comes down. A feeling of happiness can be uplifting and make you feel super high for the moment. For example, when we as people tend to feel happy, we become like these gods that feel unstoppable. We feed off of our egos - taking credit for what we did and... Continue Reading →

Who can redo Life ?

Everything in life dies. Nothing is immortal not even earth. We live in a universe that is just one of many. I say all this because why is it that we get so caught up into things that are temporary? We make problems permanent to a world that isn't. Imagine this: you are dying this... Continue Reading →

Now you see me Now you Don’t !

What is an illusion? According to Webster’s dictionary, it is “a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses”. So, what is a memory? Ask this question to yourself: can a memory be the same for any two people? Can the feeling of the memory be the same... Continue Reading →

A simple Conservation

Feelings. Let’s talk about feelings. An emotional state or reaction is the definition of a feeling. Today I felt a bunch of feelings whether it was me being able to wake up this morning or me just simply being able to write this out. All I know is that us as people we feel. Today... Continue Reading →

To much past !

I always fought myself about the unknown, it was always scary, imagine going to a place that is dark and loud, then trying to give yourself a direction to find a exit. That’s how my life was for three years. I kept trying to fight the unknown.  The unknown can always be known. For example […]

What is killing us !

Pain comes from suffering. Ask yourself this question: how many times are you going to repeat yesterday’s mistakes and dwell on tomorrow's comings because of today’s pain? Now, I am not a rocket scientist but I do know that this pain comes from a place of deep emotions that haven’t been forgotten or better yet,... Continue Reading →

Where does Guilt come from ?

Today I am no longer a prisoner to my thoughts. I am no longer captivated by my fears and I am no longer tied down by the weight and guilt that has built up to which at times has made me become one of the worst human beings of my life, pushed me to places... Continue Reading →

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