Hi everyone. Recently, I’ve really been enjoying making videos and writing out my thoughts. After my cancer journey, I realized that I can and should use my experience by sharing it with others, showing them survivorship, and hearing out other stories that may relate to mine. We all struggle with different things but it’s what we do with the outcome that matters. Unfortunately, money has kept it very limited in reaching out to more people and spreading out my vision further. My vision is to build a brand based on survivorship which may include podcasts with other survivors, meet-ups, and many other ideas that I have. I can’t make this vision come true without your support. What I’m asking for is a small investment in something that I believe can be life-changing & would allow people to come together, share their stories, grow a community for motivation, inspiration; basically a little bit of everything that may be missing from our lives right now.

A little background on what I have done/ worked on this past year to get to this point:

* I raised $5,000 to be able to make it to CancerCon in Denver, Colorado where I met tons of other survivors and caregivers. This was also where I met HopeLab- an amazing organization that tries to improve the lives of cancer patients through the use of technology. I worked with them over the summer on app development and my story helped them to build their base on understanding what it is cancer patients want/need during their difficult times.

* I also went on a First Descent trip in September which is a trip sponsored for anybody affected by cancer and I met amazing people there as well.

* First Descent gave me an opportunity to meet the I Had Cancer organization at the Brooklyn meet-up and I recorded my experience there on one of my vlogs. Vlogging these experiences and just being able to talk to people who can relate has pushed me to go back to school for film and photography. I hope to be able to offer my film/photography services to other organization events soon.

In the meantime, what I will be recording and/or podcasting will be daily life and stories showcasing survivor ship in hopes to make a difference. Please join me on this journey.


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