Like yourself, not just the Facebook likes. Smile through hate and fuck what they say because everyone is going to die and not everyone is living. We all complain about the shit we want to fix but never do so. All I hear from people is you poor thing and the only thing running in... Continue Reading →


Thankful for Everything

[2015] Thanksgiving Two days before Thanksgiving, my counts were rising up while my self-esteem was falling. The moment I was waiting for - after being isolated in a room just to myself and my thoughts - I was finally going to be able to see freedom again. I was super excited for turkey and it... Continue Reading →


        Hi everyone. Recently, I’ve really been enjoying making videos and writing out my thoughts. After my cancer journey, I realized that I can and should use my experience by sharing it with others, showing them survivorship, and hearing out other stories that may relate to mine. We all struggle with different... Continue Reading →


My Hardest fight|BONE-MARROW TRANSPLANT Night Before Halloween night 2015 was a weird night... while seeing the whole city celebrate,I remember thinking if it was really going to happen the next day. As the fear grew stronger,I felt a feeling of reassurance knowing that I will make it through. To quickly get my mind off thing... Continue Reading →

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