The unknown 

I always fought myself about the unknown, it was always scary, imagine going to a place that is dark and loud, then trying to give yourself a direction to find a exit. That's how my life was for three years. I kept trying to fight the unknown.  The unknown can always be known. For example... Continue Reading →


Love doesn’t die 

They say nothing is forever but I beg to differ. Love is forever, because it allows you to feel a moment you take on until you die. Even when you die you are promised something greater than what you have now - something that you can carry on to the after life and for the... Continue Reading →

Self image 

I look in the mirror and see a skinnier version of myself. A version I’m not ready to accept yet, yet alone let people accept. I hate looking at myself because I feel like I don’t deserve to look this good. When you get hit with cancer, it’s kind of a wake up call. Not... Continue Reading →

Stop lying to yourself !

How do you tell something you love, you want it so much.. when you get stopped in life, do you give up ? My replay would be to give up is to die. Why die when you’re alive. Waiting to die. I’m driving on a path I want, I am in control of my own... Continue Reading →

teenage fever

8 years ago, we were children. Young teens with dreams, where love was strong and nothing else mattered. We lived for the moment and thought we were immortal. Anastasiya Guzchenko the perfectionist in her own eyes and in mine, the girl that tackles her dreams with respect, the girl that once wanted to become a... Continue Reading →

help me help others

Today was a good day. I woke up yelling my fiancé's name but she was about 6 miles across town. It was 7am- felt like a nice spring morning, only thing was that the sun wasn’t shining. I woke up and started studying. A couple of hours pass by and I receive a message on... Continue Reading →

unknown person !!

Dear Mouhamad, My therapist explained it to me that this new life is lived on the 2nd floor, and there is no going back to the 1st floor. You can visit the 1st floor but you can't stay there. They don't understand and will not until they are faced with the same. Even now, as... Continue Reading →


Talk about a negative night. The reason why I stopped going out. I went today for my friends birthday to this place in the city. Met a good group of people. Two good groups of people that didn't really care who I was but enjoyed a conversation with me instead. Everyone one else was very... Continue Reading →

Dear Cancer

Dear Cancer, You have one name but you are so different. You have no set image but yet people know who you are. Cancer, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mouhamad Beydoun. You rudely came into my life at 24 years old with no warning. You knocked one day on my door not... Continue Reading →

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