My name is Mouhamad Beydoun. During my years, I learned a lot. I cried, lauged,and smiled. But, I have always felts empty. I used to love capturing moments. I loved going to central park on a Sunday morning and just capture people enjoy their Sunday morning there. Everyone knows that in order to become a photographer in life you just need to work extra hard even when life hits you with hardships ! So I really never followed my dreams as a photographer, and just stuck to an expensive life style which lead to me being unhappy as a person. I would get lost in superficial materialistic things. Not until my 24th birthday did everything change. I began to feel sick. After my first trip back from California and my first seizure that summer, I didn’t feel like myself. For the next year, My life was a complete mystery. I was misdiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and later on discovered it was cancer. Cancer really wasn’t hard. Cancer was easy because it became a routine, I knew every day what I needed to do: to stay alive and if I didn’t, I would die.


                                                                       Failure Should Never Define you !