When heart and brain come to tranquility

When reality becomes fiction, the world starts to become a really scary place. I felt like the world doesn't care. I know I am a fuck up at times, but let me explain. For me to always say that death shouldn’t be feared doesn’t mean I’m not being empathetic with people - I just mean... Continue Reading →

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Double sided conversation.

Knock knock! Who’s there ? Me. Me, who? It’s me, you. The person that has been with you for the last 27 years of your life. Can you let me in? No. What do you mean no? I said NO!! Why do you always do this? Do what? This. Can you just leave me alone?... Continue Reading →



We are People. Humans that feel feelings. We are more than just flesh. Underneath our flesh lives the soul. I have been so lost in trying to find myself. I used to think that everything was okay. Everything will eventually be okay in the end. I live for things that most people won't and don't... Continue Reading →

Stay woke

How I survived Cancer. One way of how I survived cancer was letting go of all my old ways. In trying to let go of all my old ways, I got a bit tangled up. My ego is a fighter. My spirit is a child that fears. I am a Libra which represents balance, yet... Continue Reading →

Mind OVER Body

Pain comes from suffering. Ask yourself this question: how many times are you going to repeat yesterday’s mistakes and dwell on tomorrow's comings because of today’s pain? Now, I am not a rocket scientist but I do know that this pain comes from a place of deep emotions that haven’t been forgotten or better yet,... Continue Reading →

Thank You 2017

Allow me to introduce myself to anyone that doesn’t know me, my writing, or who I am. My name is Mouhamad Beydoun - a 27 year old cancer survivor that was diagnosed with cancer at age 24. I really just want to share my recap of 2017. The year started off strong - coming out... Continue Reading →


Like yourself, not just the Facebook likes. Smile through hate and fuck what they say because everyone is going to die and not everyone is living. We all complain about the shit we want to fix but never do so. All I hear from people is you poor thing and the only thing running in... Continue Reading →

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